What To Look For In Exercise Equipment According To Experts

Exercise machines come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has its own specific purpose. Some machines develop strength, while others focus on toning and flexibility. Others get even more specific, and focus on one particular body part. If you’re new to exercise machines, or have a budding collection you want to add new equipment to, the sheer number of choices might overwhelm you. To guide you in your search, experts from CardioTech are here to give you the lowdown on what’s good and what’s not.


Let’s talk about one staple for home gyms – treadmills. Treadmills offer a balanced workout for many body parts, and they help tone your muscles and improve your circulation. So what should your treadmill have that makes it the best home treadmill ever? CardioTech experts say that the key is not in the technology, even if it is important as well. When you’re looking for treadmills, look for traction and cushioning.

Treadmills like the X9 PRO 2 have a dual air cushioning system which gives you a certain lightness to your step, which is akin to jogging on grass. Now you might think, treadmills are supposed to make you work hard, so why go for treadmills that have good cushioning? Well, you want something that mimics you running on grass or concrete, not on quicksand or mud! The only thing that bad cushioning will end up giving you is bad joints. Even if you’re looking for a strenuous workout, you should always choose something that won’t injure your joints and muscles.

Vibration Machines

Vibration machines are the latest trend in fitness. People who usually fail when it comes to exercise routines love this new technology because all you have to do is lie down to get your daily exercise requirements. However, because of its popularity, many manufacturers have jumped into this fad, with some creating substandard machines just to turn in a profit. CardioTech experts caution that some manufacturers don’t even put in a lot of effort into research before releasing their products. In the end, what you end up with is a platform that vibrates – nothing more.

According to the experts, the first thing you should look for in vibration machines is the size, of course. It should be larger than you so you can get a whole body vibration without slouching. Another thing you should look out for are settings. Vibration machines shouldn’t come with just one setting; in fact, there should be a variety in terms of vibration waves and intensities. Some intensities are used for strength and core training, while others are used for simple toning and even massage.

Recumbent Cycles

Another exercise deterrent is a busy schedule. With no time to exercise after work and home duties, what’s a person to do? Multi-task, obviously! CardioTech experts agree that while recumbent cycles don’t encourage the best exercise ethics, one has to adapt to today’s busy lifestyle. The best recumbent cycles Australia has to offer will give you a comfortable, full body workout – while you do other things!

New recumbent cycles like the GLR-4 are equipped with OfficeAction, which gives you a more complete workout while being comfortable enough to do other things. The setup comes with resistance bands so technically you are working your muscles more without making heavy, exaggerated movements. You’re laid back and relaxed, so you can do other things. There’s a desk large enough for a laptop. You can Skype your office team while toning your biceps, or read important emails while you’re toning those thighs.

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